Drug Test and Its Importance

Test Sample

A drug test is done during the recruitment of an employee to ensure no intake of subjected which are prohibit for the nature of the job. There are different kinds of test done such as urine, blood, and other types which give the biological samples to determine the person has been involved in any drugs or not. It is for the work related, for professional athletes, post accidents, safe related and many more reasons.

Pre-Workplace Screening

The tests get done when you are applying for a job somewhere especially if it involves the federal such as airlines, railways, transportations and other public safety areas. However, now it is used commonly for every job where the drug level analyzed through saliva test or any other kind according to the job requirements. The workplace screeningis by setting a certain percentage which should not exceed for the job. People do consume drugs in shape of medications which cover a certain percentage of our body, but if you have marijuana or alcohol and the level increases, then it will not be in your favor to get the required job.

Company Policy

It is important that you know what kind of test does your company require because they may require any such as hair drug test, where you have to give a sample of your hair and the laboratory will be testing it to test the level of the drug intake you consume. The testing of drugs may occur in certain circumstances such as if the employer has doubt or there is an accident then the random testing is recommended by the employer. It is a company policy which allows the employer to clear their suspicion if they get a feel of it. Click here !

The Process of Drug Screening

The applicant is required to take the test which is recommended by the type of employment you have applied. It is a part of the application process, and if you do not complete it, then the applicant is not able to move further in the process. The most commonly used are the urine test, requiredfor most of the jobs. The sample provided to the laboratory, and within 24 hours, the results are presented to the company directly since they have affiliations together. The applicants are required to go to the laboratory which is directed by the company. The legal process documented all the information regarding the drug screening and forwarded to the company.


Due to the stress in life, people have been indulged into the drugs more than usual which is causing aproblem for the employers all around the world. The reactions of the drugs come out during the work time which can risk other people’s life as well as the position of the person employed. It is necessary to conduct the drug test to understand the employee before hiring so that no mistake made and theappropriatecandidate chosen for the required job.

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