Cochlear Hearing Health Fair FAQ

Q:        What is the Cochlear Hearing Health Fair?

A:         The Cochlear Hearing Health Fair is a free and informative opportunity for people who struggle with their hearing aids to learn more about hearing treatment options. The Fair will be held on January 29th from 8:00am to 2:00pm at the Crowne Plaza Houston Northwest/Brookhollow Hotel in Houston, TX. The Fair will include:

  • opportunities to talk to leading hearing health experts and cochlear implant and Baha users;
  • personal discussions with hearing experts to understand your needs and help you to optimize your Hearing Health Fair experience;
  • opportunities to learn about new hearing treatment solutions
  • refreshments will be served!
  • captioned informational sessions:

8:30 – 9:45 a.m.:     

When Hearing Aids may no longer be Enough

  • How to know and what other solutions are may be available.
  • Reimbursement overview
  • Audience Q&A

10:15 – 11:15a.m:

Life With a Cochlear Implant

  • Learn about living with cochlear implants and hear inspirational stories of others who have successfully had their hearing restored with a cochlear implant
  • Audience Q&A

11:45a.m. – 1:30 p.m.:

                        Surgeon and Cochlear Implant User Panel

  • Panel discussion with cochlear implant surgeons and cochlear implant users.

1:30 – 2:00 p.m.:

Meet and greet 1:1 time with professionals and cochlear implant users


Q:        Am I (or a loved one) a good candidate to attend the Fair?

A:         If you’re struggling with your hearing loss or hearing aids and are interested in learning about advanced hearing solutions, this fair might be useful to you! We will also be offering free guidance on your personal hearing options to help you make the best of your experience.


Q:        What is the address?

A:       Crowne Plaza Houston Northwest/Brookhollow Hotel

12801 Northwest Freeway

Houston, TX 77040

Parking will be free.


Q:        How do I get there?

A:         The event will be at the Crowne Plaza Houston Northwest/Brookhollow Hotel, off of the Northwest Freeway access road (US-290 Frontage)


Q:        What is the dress code?

A:         Casual dress is appropriate.


Q:        Can I just walk in without registering?

A:         Yes, you can. We prefer you register so we can best prepare for the number of attendees we will have.


Q:        Do I have to pre-register?

A:         There is no requirement that you pre-register, but registration is free, and that does not mean you have to attend the fair. Also, registering ahead will save you time when you arrive at the event!


Q:        Can I bring a friend(s), additional family members?

A:         Yes, of course. We think it is important for everyone to better understand hearing loss options.


Q:        Is there a cost?

A:         No, the Cochlear Hearing Health Fair is Free!


Q:        Is there parking?

A:         Yes, there is plenty of free parking at the Crowne Plaza Houston Northwest/Brookhollow Hotel.


Q:        Can I take public transportation?

A:         Of course, but you will have to make individual arrangements.


Q:        I have no transportation, can you pick me up?

A:         We will not be providing transportation for this event.


Q:        Do I have to stay the full 6 hours?

A:         No, you can come whenever you want between 8:00am and 2:00pm. You will be able to visit the booths and speak with hearing experts at your leisure. However, the information sessions will be going on all day, so try to allow for an hour or two at least if you will be attending the informational sessions.


Q:        What if I can only come for part of the time?

A:         That is fine! When you arrive, you can meet with a hearing health expert who can tell you the best areas to visit based on your areas of interest.


Q:        Will there be food provided?

A:         Refreshments and snacks will be provided throughout the day.


Q:        Will there be free giveaways?

A:         Yes.


Q:        Are children allowed?

A:         Yes, of course. We do ask that the children stay with their parents.


Q:        Is this Fair appropriate for younger people and children with hearing loss / will there be information there for pediatric hearing loss issues?

A:         Yes. Information will be available related to pediatric hearing loss options. In addition, hearing health experts in pediatric hearing care will be on-site and available to answer your questions.


Q:        Are there facilities for hearing impaired people?

A:         The educational sessions will include captioning. Loop technology will be utilized in some areas as well.


Q:        Will there be an interpreter, someone who knows sign language?

A:         Yes, we will have individuals who are proficient in American Sign Language.


Q:        Will there be bilingual translators/bilingual materials?

A:         We will have materials in Spanish at the Fair. The sessions will be in English.


Q:        Are there facilities for disabled individuals?

A:         Yes, the Crowne Plaza Houston Northwest/Brookhollow Hotel is fully qualified to meet the needs of disabled individuals.


Q:        Can I have my hearing checked?

A:         Hearing screenings will be provided for those people who do not have hearing aids or other hearing devices. For those who do have hearing aids or other hearing devices, a personal review with a hearing professional will be provided. If you have an audiogram (hearing test result), please bring it with you to facilitate this review.


Q:        What will I be able to gain from attending?

A:         You will learn about the newest implantable hearing technology and speak with hearing health professionals.


Q:        Will people be trying to pressure me to buy something?

A:         No, this is not a high-pressure sales event. It is a free, informative and fun opportunity for people who struggle with their hearing aids to learn more about hearing options.


Q:        Will I be able to speak with others who have had experiences with this technology/ have a cochlear implant/ have a Baha (bone anchored hearing system)?

A:         Yes, many people with implantable hearing solutions will be available to talk about their personal experiences.


Q:        My hearing aids aren’t working anymore. Will this Fair have options for me?

A:         For people with more severe to profound hearing loss, hearing aids may no longer adequately help. This fair is a great opportunity for you to learn about options that may be right for you!


Q:        I am having trouble with my hearing aids, will there be information at the Fair about hearing aids that might be best for me?

A:         Yes, several hearing aid dispensers will be available to provide information and answer your questions.


Q:        Are cochlear implants reimbursed by insurance plans?

A:         Yes, cochlear implants are reimbursed by 90% of insurance plans and Medicare/Medicaid.


Q:        How much do cochlear implants or Baha devices cost?

A:         Cost varies; however, implantable hearing devices including cochlear implants and Baha are reimbursed by 90% of insurance plans and Medicare/Medicaid. Check with your health plan for more information about your personal coverage.


Q:        Who is sponsoring this Hearing Health Fair?

A:         Cochlear Americas, a leading manufacturer of implantable hearing solutions is the sponsor of the Fair. Additional co-sponsors include leading cochlear implant centers and hearing aid dispensers. Local hearing loss organizations from your community will also be participating.


Q:        Who is Cochlear?

A:         Cochlear is the leading global hearing solutions company with facilities in 100 countries and with implantable hearing devices used by 200,000 people worldwide.


Q:        What is a cochlear implant?

A:         A cochlear implant is an implantable hearing solution that works by bypassing the damaged inner ear to provide better hearing. At the Fair, you can learn much more about cochlear implants.


Q:        What is a Baha (Bone-anchored hearing solution)?

A:         The Baha system is the world’s first programmable bone conduction hearing implant. At the Fair, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Baha system.



Q:        Why has my hearing aid dispenser never told me about this?

A:         That is hard to answer because every situation is different. However, our Hearing Health Fair can provide you with information about hearing solutions that might be right for you.


Q:        Where can I go for more information?

A:         You can go to the Cochlear Americas website (


Q:        What can you tell me about the Advanced Bionics recall?

A:         Cochlear is not involved in the Advanced Bionics recall. Cochlear implants continue to be a safe option for restoring hearing, and Cochlear Americas has had the best implant reliability for over 28 years1. For further questions, please contact Cochlear at 303-790-9010 and ask to speak to the Audiologist on call.

1 Nucleus Reliability Report, Vol. 6, June 2010.


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