Medical Examinations That Most People Need

Medical Examinations

Many insurance companies today offer free medical screening for their insured.

Normally, they are offered annually, free of charge to the subscriber.

This is not because the insurers are nice, but because in the long run, medical screening will save them a substantial amount of money.

Finding a problem early-on, before it becomes even a bigger problem, often means a long-term expense can be reduced using a near-term, cheaper solution.

What Can Medical Exams Detect?

Medical tests available to detect many different illnesses.

Medical tests are designed to detect disease or defects before it causes a more serious illness. The earlier that a problem is detected, the less time that it has to do harm to your body and normally the easier it is to get under control.

Common Life-Threatening Diseases That Can Be Thwarted by Medical Tests

Osteoporosis: Bone Density screenings
Heart Disease: Blood Pressure, EKG, Heart Scan
Diabetes screening
Colon Cancer: Colonoscopy
Prostate Cancer: Prostate screening and PSA blood test
Breast Cancer: Mammogram

Heart Disease Is the Nation’s #1 Killer

Cholesterol is a fatty protein that can build and block the arteries.

In today’s busy world, many people have a tendency to eat on the run including fast foods, prepackaged foods and boxed foods.  Many of these foods are high in cholesterol and leave more of a chance to help the build up in your arteries grow. As these build ups get larger less blood and oxygen are allowed to travel through your arteries, causing many people to have a stroke or a heart attack. Once a high level is detected, this can be controlled by diet, exercise and various medications.

The early detection of cholesterol in your blood can save your life and avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical treatments.

Early Detection

Many screenings and medical test are meant to serve as early detection, to prevent and keep a healthier you.

A bone density test is required to see how thin and weak that your bones are getting. There needs to be more awareness in bone density test for men. There are many men along with women, by around the age of 50 are breaking their bones easier.

Often this is caused by age. As we get older, calcium leaves our bones and can create a condition called osteoporosis. Loss of calcium makes our bones get brittle, which makes them more likely to break with a simple wrong twist or fall.

Early detection can help to make us more aware of this condition and will allow our doctors to give us a treatment that might be able to help the condition.

Medical Examinations

Get Started Today

Talk to your physician about getting screened for long-term deadly conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other dangerous illnesses that your parents, grandparents or even your siblings have had. Sometimes diseases run in a family, and early detection may save you a lot of suffering.

Some tests that your doctor can order may be promoted by your insurance company and not cost you a dime.

Familiarize yourself re. what free annual screenings your medical insurance company offers.

Also, understand which medical tests are not worth doing.

Many medical tests must be done in a hospital, like XRays and MRIs in the local radiology department.

Others are as simple as going into your local lab and letting them draw blood for the lab test that your physician has ordered.

The important thing is to get moving.

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