Medical Screening Tests – 3 Ways They Can Harm Your Health

Medical Screening Tests

Many insurance companies will offer medical screening on certain tests at no cost to the insured.

This is done by the insurance companies as a preventive measure to the people that they have covered. If one of these tests find something that is wrong with their insured, and steps to cure it are taken with proper treatment, in the long run it has saved the insurance company a substantial amount of money.

The insured benefits by finding the problem before the symptoms have gotten bad; in the early stages, most illnesses can be cured. This is why it is important to see your physician as soon as you start to notice the symptoms or that you are not feeling like you normally feel.

Blood Tests Are Safe Today

The simplest and least dangerous test is the blood test. Your physician will order this from the lab and most of the time it is a simple needle stick in the vein and they will fill up the tubes with your blood. Most people do not have a problem with going to get lab test done.

How Medical Tests Can Harm Your Health

Other types of medical tests can harm you, however. This includes tests that use dyes injected into your veins and drinks with radioactive material that make your blood and internal organs visible on an XRay.

Here are three common ways a medical test can harm your health:

• Harm from a false negative result – you don’t get the treatment you needed
• Harm from a false positive test result – you suffer from side effects you didn’t need to have
• The test and chemicals used may be harmful to your health; for example, some cancer treatments use toxins that can kill or cause serious suffering and cellular damage.

False Positives

A false positive is when a test administered to a patient is actually negative, but the test shows they are positive for the disease or illness. This can have many bad effects on a person.

It is hard in many cases for the physician to know the test result is wrong. In some cases, treatments can begin on patients that do not need the treatments and can cause harm to the patient.

Once it is discovered that a patient’s test results are a false positive, the physician must run additional tests to make sure that the results are false.

False positives are known to occur around the world and has caused harm to many people. Not only the physical aspect can be harmful, but also the mental aspect can be quite damaging. Thinking you might have a serious disease only to find out it was a mistake can be quite traumatic for many people. It can also lead to lawsuits that harm the doctor.

Allergic Reactions

Medical Screening Tests

If there is something in a test dye that a person is allergic to, this can cause an allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions to dyes can be from minor to severe depending upon the persons allergy to the chemical.

If you know that you have an allergy, make sure that your doctor and the people that are giving you the test are aware of it. This can prevent problems and irritations that these test can cause.

Radioactive Reagents

There are also many test that involve radiation exposure, including x-rays and MRIs.

The effects of radiation range from minor to severe reactions, and all radiation slightly increase the chances of getting cancer long term.

There are many different tests that can be completed to find out what may be going on in your body.

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