4 Medical Tests Everyone Should Get Right Now

Medical Surgical Nursing Test

Many people will avoid getting a medical screening, even though they know that something is not right with how they are feeling.

This can end up creating very serious consequences.

There are several really simple things that can be done by your physician to prevent a more serious illness, if it is caught in time. Going to your doctor when you first notice that something is not right with you, can many times help making you feel better again.

There are people that feel that if they do not know what’s wrong with them, then they won’t have to worry about their condition.

This is only asking for more problems.

Four Simple Tests That Could Save Your Life

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Fasting Blood Glucose
  3. Fasting Blood Cholesterol
  4. HIV Test

Blood Tests Are Easy

Medical Surgical Nursing Test

All four of these tests involve your blood.

Many people have high cholesterol or diabetes and are not aware they have them. If you give your doctor a chance to discover this, he could discover that you are pre-diabetes and be able to correct it simply with diet and exercise or maybe even a medication.

A single lab blood test can be ordered by your physician to check the level of your glucose in your blood, the level of cholesterol and to test for HIV (the virus that causes AIDS).

To properly check your blood sugar level or your cholesterol level in your blood, it should be done by fasting overnight and not eating anything before your blood has been drawn.  This will give a more accurate reading of your levels that are in your blood.

Your physician will know if your cholesterol level is too high when you get your blood test back. There are medications and diet modifications that will help to keep your triglycerides and cholesterol levels safe for your health.

These levels, along with many others, when they are ignored can have some very serious consequences such as strokes and heart attacks.

High Blood Pressure? No Excuse!

Going to your physician as soon as you start feeling that something is not right, can help prevent some serious situations. Especially when it comes to hypertension (high blood pressure).

High blood pressure is one of those silent killers that can be monitored easily by purchasing a cheap blood pressure cuff from your local store.

A quick visit to your doctor will tell you where your normal blood pressure should be.

There are cuffs that are designed so that you can take your own pressure. These are simply the cuff that you wrap around your arm, and a hose that runs to the machine, there is a ball attached that you will pump up and the display on the machine will show your blood pressure reading.

Many times there are symptoms such as light headedness or dizziness, check your blood pressure. If it is a known problem your doctor should have given you instructions as to not let it get over a certain reading and what to do if it does.

Do not be afraid of these four simple cost effective tests, the next time your physician asks you to get a medical test done.

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