Pre-Employment Medical Screening

Medical Screening

The Pre-Employment Medical Screening procedure refers to a series of examinations that are conducted on potential new hires to ensure that their psychological and physical well being is not compromised to perform the new job functions. This also gives the employers a chance to catch new hires that are drug users or potential drug addicts.  As an employer you need to keep safety in mind for other employees as well as the new hire.

Staying Safe

It may seem like common sense, but pre-employment medical screening is one of the most neglected procedures in the job hiring process.

Ignoring this general procedure can put many people at health-risks. This can create a problem that individuals may get employed in jobs that they are not suitable for, either physically or mentally.

It’s, however, impossible to tell when you have a seemingly healthy interviewee assuring you that he/she is suitable and ready for the job and ready to start right away; health problems are hard to spot by just looking at a person.

Hiring new workers should not be given up to trust. Medical screening is a general procedure that everyone should partake in before starting a new job; even if they say they are healthy.

Medical Screening Benefits

Taking Risks

The medical exam helps determine what kinds of risks the new employee may have if he/she would end up in getting hired for the new job position.

This doesn’t include only personal health liabilities but also how these would affect other co-workers who are already in the field. You can never anticipate what happens in the workplace, but by having a medical exam the right person for the job can be hired.

It’s unwise to take such big hiring risks and later to have both parties suffer because of something that one can easily avoid.

A Safe Workplace

There are a few advantages that come fro a medical exam for all new hires: a more secure workplace and reduced risk of having to deal with injury complaints.

Complaints can cause harm to the company’s image and reputation. However, if a medical exam is a mandatory part of the hiring process from the beginning, there should be less complaints.

People will want someone who is ideally suited for their job both mentally and physically; someone that can keep up a continuous effective performance that will benefit the company in the long run.

Medical Screening Overview

These medical screenings consist of a variety of examinations conducted by a certified doctor. Some of these include a complete physical examination, a BMI check, a heart check, a range-of-movement check, a nervous-system examination, checking for diabetes/kidney or bladder disorders, both an eye and hearing test, blood test and respiratory check-up.

This is just a general list, there may be more examinations more related to the job and that could be useful to the new employee.


Although it is important to conduct pre-employment medical screening for any job, it is even more vital when the new worker will be assigned tasks such as driving a car.

Other jobs that include travel should also have equally physically fit applicants that can perform the job to their fullest capabilities. Accidents happen.

However, they can be kept at bay as long as employers don’t forget to check the employee’s health capabilities. Choosing a compatible worker is essential, and establishing a health record for every worker is vital in case health complications should arise in the future.

Medical Screening Test

Client Care

It’s not a secret that medical costs are not getting cheaper, quite, on the contrary, they are rising every year. Gastronomy related businesses like restaurants or pubs cannot put themselves at risk of hiring someone who would contaminate the food.

Medical screenings ensure the protection of both the employees and clients and keep the employer reassured. When including a medical exam during a job hiring process, you get to keep the workers safe, and the company will have an opportunity to avoid unsuitable and potentially unsafe workers.

Extra costs that could have come with foreseeable injuries will remain avoided, and both teams can enjoy a protected, secure and suitable working environment.

Investing In The Future

With all of this said, it isn’t a big secret that hiring someone that didn’t take part in any pre-employment medical screening can lead to big complications and big costs that will not go hand-in-hand with benefiting the company.

Is it worth to take risks and have your employees avoid taking a medical exam? It’s better to invest now and avoid future big losses due to something that one can easily evade. Both for the health and peace of mind of the employers and employees, we advise to include medical exams in your next job hiring procedure.

It’s a requirement to hire applicants that are appropriate for the tasks prepared by the employers. Whether the job requires a high-level of fitness ability or working in a potentially hazardous workplace, a medical exam helps determine who would feel best in the chosen environment and conditions.

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