The Pros And Cons Of Medical Tests

Pros And Cons Of Medical Tests

When your doctor tells your he needs to order some lab test for you, most doctors will start with the simplest tests first, such as blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, CAT scans and MRIs.

Pros Of Testing

Getting tests ordered by your doctor can help to get a positive identification on what is going on with your body. The results from these tests can help your doctor know which medications to administer and what treatments that you should be getting to help to cure your illness.

Many times when a person is getting tested, the test finds another problem that would have been overlooked and gone untreated had the original test not been taken.

Testing can help to take away much of the guess work or personal opinions of your doctor and the fact that many symptoms can point to more than one ailment. This helps to make sure that you are getting the proper care and the use of the most advanced technology for a healthier you.

Cons Of Testing

• Cost of the test itself; Unfortunately even with having insurance, even the simplest tests can be expensive, and many people have problems paying the deductibles and the copays that their insurance do not cover.
• You may receive a false positive. in which the test says you have a condition you do not have
• May lead to additional testing to ensure of the proper treatment
• Some tests use dyes or radiation, which frightens some people
• There are some conditions that may not show up on many test results

Getting Your Test Done

Even though each medical test has its pros and cons, usually it is important to have them done.

The number one thing for you as a patient is to have trust and faith in your physician that they are only doing what is best for you.  That said, you also need to be comfortable with the decision. Make sure that you discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor before the order is given.

Remember that your body is kind of like your car, and the obvious symptom you see could be caused by a completely different underlying problem that can not be discovered without the proper diagnostics.

Pros And Cons Of Medical Tests

Medical tests have saved many lives by discovering what the underlying problem of symptoms were and allowing your doctor to give the proper treatment.

By looking at your leg, for example, a doctor can tell if it is swollen, but without some testing it will be hard for him to determine as to why.

Medical testing can be a controversial topic, but it is also a necessary part of your successful treatment.

Talk to your physician about obtaining your medical screening to find out what is making you feel ill.

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