How To Determine Which Medical Screening Is Really Necessary?

There has been a great deal of news about the different medical tests available. Doctors are emerging as an opponent of medically testing and screenings to spare patients’ time, cash and potentially serious illnesses. Today’s physicians say the screening tests below are the most well-known ones; seniors can ask for additional information to make sure if at their age these … Read More

STD/STI Testing Moves Online

If you are leading an active sexual life, then getting regularly checked for sexually transmitted disease (STDs) and infections (STIs) is very important.

This is especially important because most sexually transmitted infections do not have early symptoms or have very mild ones that are easily missed.

Despite this, many people shy away from visiting hospitals or clinics for STD testing.… Read More

DNA Screening For Cancer: A 2015 Update

Successful cancer treatment and symptom management depend largely on early detection through medical testing.

But even though modern medicine has made huge progress in the early screening of cancer, too many patients are still not getting the early diagnosis that is crucial.

Additionally, some forms of cancer such as ovarian cancer and liver cancer are very difficult to detect early … Read More